Windows Server “Longhorn” Airlift

me llegó esta invitación, qué puedo decir 🙂
You have been nominated by your local Microsoft ISV Developer Evangelist and approved by the Windows Server “Longhorn” Touchdown Team to attend our upcoming Windows Server “Longhorn” Touchdown Trainer Airlift. As a result of attending this event, you will become a “go-to” trainer for future Windows Server “Longhorn” training sessions for the Windows Server “Longhorn” Touchdown Program starting in January 2006.

You are invited to take part in this exclusive opportunity to attend the Windows Server “Longhorn” Touchdown Trainer Airlift event in Amsterdam, The Netherlands the week of December 4, 2006. This event is being offered to a select group of Microsoft Regional Directors and trainers from the US, Canada, EMEA, and LATAM regions.

This is your chance to enhance your Windows Server “Longhorn” skills and prepare to deliver Windows Server “Longhorn” Touchdown Training classes to our partners. Register for the Windows Server “Longhorn” Airlift today!

What is Touchdown?
Touchdown is a worldwide early adoption program for ISV partners; Windows Server “Longhorn” is one of the three new technologies that we’re focusing on during the FY07 time frame. For Windows Server “Longhorn” Touchdown, there are approximately 2,500 ISVs who will participate in a number of in-depth trainings/HOLs during a four-month timeframe (January to April, 2007). Microsoft is counting on our network of qualified Regional Directors and trainers to ensure that our partners have a quality experience and receive the insight and support they need to develop their applications on our platform. This is why we’re investing a significant amount of time, resources, and funding to develop your skills and build a strong “community” of Windows Server “Longhorn” trainers who will allow us to scale out our program across the globe.

What is a Windows Server “Longhorn” Touchdown Trainer Airlift?
This 4-day session will provide approved Windows Server “Longhorn” trainers support & information needed to go out into the field and train our ISV partners. The Windows Server “Longhorn” Touchdown Trainer Airlift will also enable you to receive the guidance and the tools you need to execute future training events on your own.

Windows Server “Longhorn” subject matter experts and leaders from the Microsoft Developer & Platform Evangelism group will present the 4-day session as well as create an open forum for you to network with other Windows Server “Longhorn” trainers from within your region.


Day 1     16:00 – 18:00      

 General Session

Day 1     18:30    

 Welcome Reception

Day 2     09:00 – 17:00      


Day 2     18:00    

 Team Dinner

Day 3     09:00 – 17:00      


Day 4     09:00 – 13:00      


Day 4     13:00 – 17:00      

 Open Lab/Optional 1:1, Departures


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